How to Test Subaru Forester 2020 Key Fob Battery Replacement in 5 Steps

Ever found yourself stranded outside your Subaru Forester, frantically clicking your key fob with no response? It’s like a modern-day mystery – until you realize the culprit might just be a dead battery. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this frustration.

But fear not, dear reader! In this article, you’ll uncover the simple steps to revive your key fob and regain access to your trusty Subaru Forester 2020. No need to rush to the dealership or call for help – you’ve got this covered! So, grab your new battery and let’s dive into the world of DIY key fob resurrection.

Step 1: Prepare the Tools

When it comes to changing the key fob battery in your Subaru Forester 2020, having the right tools on hand is essential. Here are the items you’ll need:

  • Small Flathead Screwdriver: This tool will help you open the key fob and access the battery compartment without causing any damage.
  • Replacement Battery: Make sure to have the correct type of battery for your Subaru Forester 2020 key fob. Refer to your owner’s manual for the specific battery model needed.
  • Clean Cloth: Keeping a clean cloth nearby can help you handle the key fob components with care, preventing any dirt or debris from interfering with the battery replacement process.
  • Work Area: Find a well-lit and stable surface to work on. This will help you stay organized and prevent any small parts from getting misplaced during the battery replacement.

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Having these tools ready before you start the battery replacement process can make the task smoother. It’s always a good idea to gather everything you need beforehand to avoid any interruptions.

Step 2: Locate the Key Fob

Once you have gathered your tools, the next step is to find your Subaru Forester 2020’s key fob.

  • Start by checking your pockets, bag, or the regular spot at home where you usually keep the key fob.
  • If you still can’t locate it, remember that the key fob is a small device, so look in places where it could easily be misplaced.
  • Check common areas like on tables, countertops, or even between cushions where it might have slid.

Remember, a thorough search in logical places usually leads to finding the key fob faster.

Step 3: Open the Key Fob

To open your Subaru Forester 2020 key fob, you’ll need a flathead screwdriver or a small coin. Look for the slot on the base of the key fob where the key ring attaches. Insert the screwdriver or coin into the slot and gently twist to separate the two halves of the key fob. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to avoid damaging the casing.

Once the key fob is open, you’ll see the CR2032 battery inside. This is the type of battery you’ll need to replace. Take note of how the battery is positioned before removing it to ensure you insert the new one correctly. Remove the old battery carefully, using the screwdriver or coin if necessary.

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Important Battery Information

Battery Type CR2032
Voltage 3 volts
Composition Lithium

Before proceeding, make sure to dispose of the old battery properly. Avoid tossing it in the regular trash and look for battery recycling programs in your area or electronic stores that accept used batteries.

Next, it’s time to move on to Step 4: Replace the Battery.

Step 4: Replace the Battery

Now that you have successfully opened your Subaru Forester 2020 key fob and removed the old CR2032 battery, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Insert New Battery: Position the fresh CR2032 battery correctly in the slot where you removed the old one.
  2. Check Polarity: Ensure that the positive (+) side of the battery is facing up. It’s essential for the key fob to function correctly.
  3. Close the Key Fob: Carefully put the key fob back together by lining up the two halves and firmly pressing them until you hear a click.
  4. Test the Key Fob: Test if the replacement worked by pressing the buttons on the key fob to ensure it’s responding as expected.

Step 5: Test the Key Fob

It’s time to ensure that your Subaru Forester 2020 key fob is working properly after replacing the battery. Testing it is crucial to confirm that the new battery is inserted correctly and the key fob functions as expected.

  • Press Buttons: Try pressing the lock, unlock, and trunk release buttons on the key fob to check if they respond. This immediate feedback lets you know if the key fob is communicating with your car.
  • Proximity Test: Stand near your vehicle and test the key fob’s range by pressing the buttons. Make sure it unlocks and locks the door within a reasonable proximity to the car.
  • Test Multiple Times: Press the buttons a few times to ensure consistent performance. If the key fob has any delay or unresponsiveness, it might indicate a problem with the battery replacement.
  • Ensure Lights Flash: Watch for the car’s lights flashing when you use the key fob. This visual confirmation can indicate successful communication between the key fob and your Subaru Forester.
  • Check Remote Start: If your Subaru Forester is equipped with a remote start feature, test if it works with the new key fob battery. Start the car remotely to see if the key fob is functioning correctly.

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Use this testing phase to confirm that your Subaru Forester 2020 key fob is back in action, allowing you convenient access to your vehicle.


That’s it! By following these steps, you can easily change the key fob battery in your Subaru Forester 2020. Remember to test the key fob to ensure it’s working correctly. Enjoy the convenience of seamless communication between your key fob and your car. Happy driving!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I test when replacing the battery in my Subaru Forester 2020 key fob?

After replacing the battery, test the button responses, proximity range, consistent performance, flashing lights, and remote start functionality to ensure effective communication with the car.

Why is testing the key fob functionalities important after changing the battery?

Testing ensures proper functionality and convenient access to the vehicle with the new battery.

How can I confirm that the key fob is communicating effectively with my Subaru Forester?

By checking button responses, proximity range, consistent performance, flashing lights, and remote start functionality.

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