How to Test Acura MDX Key Fob Post Battery Change: Complete Guide

Ever found yourself stranded outside your Acura MDX, staring at a key fob that refuses to unlock your car? Frustrating, isn’t it? What if I told you that changing the battery in your Acura MDX key fob could be the solution to your woes? Imagine the convenience of effortlessly accessing your vehicle with just a click of a button. In this article, you’ll discover a simple step-by-step guide on how to change the battery in your Acura MDX key fob. Say goodbye to those moments of panic and hello to seamless entry every time. Let’s dive in and empower you with the knowledge to tackle this task like a pro.

Gather necessary tools and materials

To get started on changing the battery in your Acura MDX key fob, here’s what you’ll need:

  • New battery suitable for your Acura MDX key fob
  • Small flathead screwdriver
  • Cloth or towel

Here’s a quick rundown of the steps to make sure you have everything handy:

  • Battery: Ensure you have the correct type for your Acura MDX key fob.
  • Small flathead screwdriver: You’ll use this tool to open the key fob.
  • Cloth or towel: To protect your work surface from scratches.

Now that you have all the necessary tools and materials, you’re all set to dive into replacing the battery in your Acura MDX key fob.

Identify the key fob type

When identifying the key fob type for your Acura MDX, start by looking at the user manual for specific guidance. If you don’t have the manual, check the key fob itself for any visible labels or markings that indicate the model or type.

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There are different key fob types for various Acura MDX models. Some may have removable key blades inside, while others could feature a switchblade key design. Knowing your key fob type is crucial for selecting the right replacement battery and following the correct battery replacement process.

If you’re unsure about the key fob type, you can also contact your local Acura dealership with your vehicle information to get precise details on the key fob used for your Acura MDX model. Ensuring you have the correct information at hand will make the battery replacement process smoother and more efficient.

Open the key fob

To begin the battery replacement process, you’ll first need to Open the key fob of your Acura MDX. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Look for the small indentation on the side of the key fob.
  • Use a flathead screwdriver or a coin to gently pry open the key fob by inserting it into the slot.
  • Carefully twist the screwdriver or coin to separate the key fob’s two halves.

Once you’ve successfully opened the key fob, you can proceed to the next steps in replacing the battery. Remember to handle the key fob with care to avoid damaging it during the process.

Important Note
Always work on a clean, flat surface to prevent losing any small components inside the key fob.

Remove the old battery

To swap the battery in your Acura MDX key fob, the first step is removing the old battery. Follow these simple steps:

  • Carefully open your key fob: Use the flathead screwdriver or coin to gently pry open the key fob.
  • Locate the old battery: Once the fob is open, you’ll find the old battery inside.
  • Take out the old battery: Remove the old battery from its housing, ensuring you note its position for the new battery.

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Remember, handling the key fob delicately is essential to avoid damaging it, and working on a clean, flat surface will help prevent any small components from getting lost during the battery replacement process.

Replace the battery

Now that you’ve safely removed the old battery, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth battery replacement process for your Acura MDX key fob:

  • Step 1: Locate the compartment for the new battery inside the key fob.
  • Step 2: Insert the new battery into the compartment with the correct polarity (+ and -).
  • Step 3: Ensure the battery is securely in place before reassembling the key fob.

Remember, using a CR2032 battery is recommended for the Acura MDX key fob. After replacing the battery, test the key fob to ensure it’s functioning properly.

Test the key fob

Now that you’ve successfully replaced the battery in your Acura MDX key fob, it’s time to ensure everything is working as it should. Here’s how to test the key fob:

  • Step 1: Stand close to your Acura MDX and make sure all doors are closed.
  • Step 2: Press the lock or unlock button on the key fob. You should see the lights on your vehicle flash or hear a sound indicating the signal has been received.
  • Step 3: Test the trunk release button if your key fob has this feature. Verify that it opens without any issues.
  • Step 4: If your Acura MDX has a remote start function, test it to confirm that it works after replacing the battery.
  • Step 5: Check that the key fob operates from a reasonable distance. Walk a few feet away from your vehicle and test the buttons again.

Testing the key fob after replacing the battery is crucial to ensure that everything functions properly. If you encounter any issues during the testing process, recheck the battery installation and ensure it’s securely in place with the correct polarity.

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Steps Description
Step 1 Stand close to your vehicle and close all doors
Step 2 Press lock/unlock button to check lights/sounds
Step 3 Test trunk release button (if applicable)
Step 4 Verify remote start feature (if present)
Step 5 Check key fob’s range by testing from a distance


You now have the knowledge to confidently test your Acura MDX key fob after changing the battery. Remember to check for flashing lights or sounds, test all functions, and ensure it works from a reasonable distance. Testing post-battery replacement is crucial for functionality. If you encounter any problems, refer back to the troubleshooting tips provided. Happy key fob testing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I test my Acura MDX key fob after replacing the battery?

To test your Acura MDX key fob after replacing the battery, stand close to the vehicle and press the lock/unlock button. Look for flashing lights or listen for sounds to ensure proper functionality. Test features like trunk release and remote start if applicable. Make sure the key fob works from a reasonable distance to confirm successful replacement.

What should I do if my Acura MDX key fob doesn’t work after replacing the battery?

If your Acura MDX key fob doesn’t work after replacing the battery, try reinserting the battery and ensuring it is properly installed. Check for any visible damage or corrosion inside the key fob. If issues persist, consider replacing the battery with a new one. It’s also recommended to consult the Acura dealership for further assistance.

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